Exploring LipSense Red in Hollywood

There is something classic about red lips. During festive times, we gravitate toward red. If you are not someone who wears red very often you might find Fourth of July, Christmas and formal events provide opportunity to live a little “louder”. LipSense “reds” come in various shades. Fly Girl, Blu-red, Strawberry Shortcake are a few […]

How To Apply LipSense

You have your color. You have your gloss. You have your Oops! Now what? What’s the application process? First, make sure you have removed any product or residue from your lips. (We want clean and dry lips) Next, shake your lipsense color. Take the LipSense wand and with a swiping motion, swipe on a thin […]

Glossy or Matte?

Glossy or Matte, that is the question. Let me help you think it through. First, why gloss at all? Glosses improve the longevity of LipSense® Liquid Lip Color, as well as cover and protect naked lips. Glossing throughout the day (whether Matte or glossy), especially before eating, adds hours to your color and protects your […]