2018 Top Seasonal Lip Colors and Textures

Top Seasonal Lip Colors and Textures

Glossy Lips- The beauty world’s obsession with dewy finishes has moved to lips! Glassy, shiny finished lips will be popular in 2018. Top any LipSense color with Glossy Gloss, Diamond Kiss Gloss, Opal Gloss and many more options, for deliciously glossy lips.

Red Hot- Not a trend, but here to stay, red lips are having an extra special glamorous moment. Go for LipSense in Blu-Red or Fly Girl. Go neutral and subdued on your eyes to balance the bold color on your lips.

Peach- Soft, warm shades of peach are popular at the moment. Try Apple Cider, Heartbreaker, Summer Sunset and Caramel Latte for various tones of peach.

Metallic Finishes- Glowing, metallic finishes in all colors will trend into 2018. LipSense frost-textured shades give a gorgeous metallic finish. Wear B. Ruby or Fire N’ Ice for a bolder metallic look, or Honey Rose or Mauve Ice for a more subdued, frosty metallic. Opal LipSense Gloss adds a holographic finish that is out of this world.

Violet- As the color of the year, “Ultra Violet”, was recently named by Pantone, you will see this cool purple shade everywhere in 2018. LipSense in Violet Volt is the perfect match on lips, and features a unique blue iridescent finish that is simply mesmerizing.

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